Terracotta facing bricks, floor tiles and engineering bricks are amongst the thirty types of brick manufactured here at the Errol Brick Company in Scotland, and sourced to local builder's merchants.

Puddle Clay is available dug straight from the banks of the River Tay and used for lining lochs and canals. The clay is also suitable for use in capping landfills. We have recently developed an unfired clay brick named the ECO brick which is used for internal walling and fully recyclable at the factory.

We supply Bricks, Tiles and Puddle Clay to sites in England - London Castle amongst a few - and Wales mostly in the North East and occasionally appearing in South Yorkshire.

We have been Brick Suppliers and Tile Manufacturers for long enough to know that customers want something special; please look through our site and as you can see - having your own bricks created is a real and affordable possibility!

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