Cedar sheds are favoured by those who prioritise the appearance of the shed the place in their garden over the practical aspects. Cedar sheds are often made from Western red cedar, although it is an expensive material it gives a finish that no other wood can.

There are many different shades of red that the shed can be built in, all of which retain a natural look unlike many artificial wood copies which use wood staining methods. As well as the many wood options available, some manufacturers of cedar sheds also offer a shingle roof option if you wish to add more detail to your shed to make it become a feature of the garden.

Protecting Your Shed

If you wish to purchase a shed for your garden that needs to be waterproof but do not wish to pay the highest price for the most robust construction there is an alternative which is to purchase a less expensive shed and to get the structure waterproofed.

This should stop excessive amounts of moisture accessing your belongings.